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Our Financial Platform empowers companies with the ability to build their own branded financial products and solutions with game changing agility. The new financial landscape, built by you.

Our Digital Banking Platform enables companies of any size to BUILD and LAUNCH financial products

We provide a platform with modular building blocks to develop custom suites of financial services quickly, reliably and securely. Our platform embeds with banking products, card services, loans, and more.

One Platform with every API needed to create your product.

Our Developer friendly API’s are designed to decrease your go-to-market development time and upfront costs. We have everything from KYC, KYB, Digital Wallets, ACH Transfers, Bank Account linking and much more.

The Platform for Financial Innovation

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Business Cases

Scalable Architecture

A modern microservices-based architecture that enables you to seamlessly design customer experiences across any touchpoint


Fintech Integration

The platform integrates with best-in-class fintech partners for features such as bill pay, prepaid cards, account aggregation, loan services, peer to peer payments, and more.



The platform design system and over 200 + API's give you the freedom to add your own functionalities to your existing or new product.


Manage the full API lifecycle

Use our Platform to quickly design, test, and publish API products. Foster collaboration by sharing mocked services and code snippets to validate functionality. Manage APIs, monitor and analyze usage, control access, and protect sensitive data with security policies.


Manage deployments easily

Monitor apps, data, systems, and products using a single platform to uncover hidden dependencies and decrease time to resolution. Customize dashboards and alerts to get relevant insights, get a real-time, visual representation of system dependencies and drill down to detailed logs to debug faster and perform root cause analysis.


Card Services

Our digital banking platform is integrated with card services features such as personalization and processing platforms. We enable customers to deliver the entire card payment workflow. Our solution integrates with recognized processors or use of API's to integrate with the processor of your choice or your own payment card infrastructure.


SocialPay API’s simplify the process of storing values and transferring money between bank accounts, digital wallets and within your application. We offer a simple, secure and scalable banking API platform that make currency programmable.

About SocialPay

SocialPay has given companies the ability to create their own branded financial products and services in a simple, developer friendly way. Our team strives to design and engineer the highest quality payment platform in the industry, by making best-of-breed identity verification and bank account linking more accessible, and continuously introducing the features and capabilities you need. We're committed to helping clients reach their business goals faster than ever before possible.

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